The foundation for a successful selection of personnel is the creation of a tailor-made competence and requirement profile, as well as an excellent search strategy.
Working method

Working method

People & Projects e.K.
Working Method

The foundation for a successful selection of personnel is the creation of a tailor-made competence and requirement profile. Equivalent to this is the methodology of the search process itself. This follows our established rules and is divided into six process steps (6-point plan).

Our work is carried out in close and constant coordination with our clients. It is a requirement for us to be transparent for our clients throughout the entire term and at every stage of a project.

Headhunting Process


Definition and coordination of the requirement profile. In personal introductory interviews with your executives, specialist and HR departments, we will create an exact requirement profile for you about the “matching head” for your company. In doing so, we will subdivide the profile of the desired candidate into necessary and desirable features as well as into the most negative characteristics possible.
This requirement profile will form the basis of our offer. Furthermore, we define in our offer an estimate of the project duration to successfully fill the position to be searched, as well as our total fee.
Our promise of guarantee: Should it happen that a mandate can not be successfully concluded in the project duration that we estimate in the offer, we guarantee our clients that we will continue the mandate. With the assumption of a mandate, we consider all employees of our clients as unresponsive for other mandates processed by us over a period of 24 months.

In the run-up, we develop, after our research, the best possible search strategy and target company list. The proposal of our search strategy and target company list is processed together with our clients and subsequently approved by the client. We ensure that we do not jeopardize the existing business relationships of our clients.

The identification and direct addressing of potential candidates is carried out by us with the highest degree of tact and the utmost discretion for candidates and clients.
After a detailed meeting of the candidate by People & Projects e.K. Subsequently, a confidential report or candidate profile for the client is created.
Our clients may at any time submit interim results, in particular names and application documents of all candidates considered for the selection procedure, provided that the candidates have not objected to the disclosure of the information to us.

Creation of a confidential report (candidate profile) about our personal impression, the career, the qualifications, the reason for change, the wishes and the salary expectations of the potential candidate (s) followed by a transfer to the client.

If, after reviewing the confidential report, the interest of our clients is to get to know the candidate better, the first meeting with the client will take place.
We support and advise our clients, if desired, in the organization, guidance and evaluation of interviews.
If there is still interest from both sides after the first meeting, a further appointment with the client and the candidate will be arranged.
About the presence of People & Projects e.K. during interviews, our clients can freely decide.

The termination of the mandate takes place with the signing of an employment contract between the candidate and the client.

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